"But then comes the scary part. Many in the fundraising field are scared of change. Many fundraisers are uncomfortable about money. Many fundraisers are worried about being turned down. Most fundraisers (the research says over 80%) are somewhat or very uncomfortable about asking for operational support when discussing a gift.

Also, many (if not most) fundraisers have been taught to “stay in your lane” and to follow long-established routines — even when they uncover opportunities for developing long and economically fruitful relationships with donors."

Yes, terrifying indeed! There is real weight in the ask (people's jobs and those who partake of the mission's lives are on the line! And money is often really terrifying (I'm doing a piece tomorrow about my fear of math/numbers which ties nicely into the fear of balancing books, budgets etc. There is so much more that fundraising could be, but it's our own fear, and frankly fear within the institution itself. Money is kind of...necessary but dirty, right? I've heard a number of times from staffers in various places "at least I don't have to do fundraising." Even the wealthy have odd relationships to money (shame fear etc). But money is just a tool. All is resource, from people to pennies and we classify some as cleaner to talk about and ask for (like volunteers). Good article!

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Love this! Well said. Happy Halloween.

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